About Jakub Kohout – A Freelance Web Designer from Cambridge, UK

Jakub Kohout

About Jakub Kohout a freelance web designer

I Create Websites

I’ve designed web sites and user experiences for many years and during my career I’ve used various software and hardware to achieve my goals.

I Use a Mac

I’m a big fan of MAC OSX . I’m also interested in photography, web designing and music. Generally I like creating various digital contents for the internet and other media.

I’m An Easy Going

When I’m not playing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects or Illustrator I’m probably outside playing with my two beautiful kids.

I‘m originally from the Czech Republic but have been living in Cambridge for last thirteen years. I’ve been using graphical software since an early version of Corel Draw back in 2001. I was surrounded by computers since the first Sinclair came along. I‘m a typical PC user for the past five years I’ve worked only on MAC. I studied BSc Creative Online Design in Cambridge, UK.

Wordpress CMS & HTML5

  • Coding of HTML5 with CSS3 static websites
  • Using WordPress CMS for clients who want to maintain their websites by themselves
  • Setting up E-commerce solutions for small to medium businesses

SEO & Google Analytics

  • Optimising web content for better search engine indexing
  • Taking high-resolution photographs and product photography.
  • Shooting high-definition video for online campaigns and viral marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo)

Video & Motion Graphics

  • Creating motion graphics for digital media and internet
  • Creating various graphic design – for web, print or other media
  • Consulting clients about security of their websites and good habits how to stay safe online

If you would like to have a chat about your project, feel free to get in touch through the Contact Me page where you’ll find many ways how to reach me.