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Gravity is possibly the best form for WordPress available. This form allows you to have multiple selections, drop down menus, an upload section, captchas etc.



How to find hidden files on MAC?

How to find hidden files on MAC

How to find hidden files on MAC

How to discover hidden files on MAC?

Every while and then during web development you have to check or modify certain files which are hidden by default because of the system. Normal users should not change such files otherwise they may risk corrupting the server / application / whatever the (hidden) file controls or triggers. That is why these files are hidden – change them only if you really know what you are doing, otherwise you are risking that your system will become unstable, etc, etc.

How to find files which are hidden then? Well, it depends what kind of file you are looking for and what you are planning to do with it.

If you only need to check that a certain file exists, then an application like “Automator” may help you or this free utility called Revealer.

Another useful way to find what you are looking for is to use old good “Terminal”. This worked for me like a charm. I’ve tested this script on a MacBook Pro with Retina running OSX 10.8.5.


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