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SoundCloud Music – Streptokok – Old Skool Hip Hop

Streptokok - Old Skool Hip Hop Song on SoundCloud

Streptokok – Old Skool Hip Hop Song on SoundCloud

As I’ve mentioned in the About Me section of this site, I am also a keen musician with a passion for electronic music in particular. It all started when I bought my first PC and a friend of mine (Ursimon) gave me some music sequencing software (Fruity Loops) and audio editors (Cool Edit Pro).

I began using my own sounds and loops and also found I had a big interest in remixing my favourite tracks and songs. Well, I haven’t stopped since. A couple of years later I managed to buy my first hardware machine, the old mighty Roland MC-505 Groovebox. By that time there were only handful of people who owned this great electronic instrument. I was able to enjoy more fluid and intuitive composing and, most importantly, live performance due to the built in MEGAMIX function, which allowed me to call various patterns from other songs in real time.

I had a lot of fun using Groovebox and, as time went on, the possibilities of connecting hardware with software brought more and more interesting combinations for music composing.


Check out my Soundcloud music.

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