Usefull Tips and Tricks When Using Coda 2.0 from on MAC

Coda 2.0 editor tips and tricks

Coda 2.0 editor tips and tricks

Every web designer has got a favourite HTML editor. I started with Notepad, then used Adobe Dreamweaver for few years due to compatibility with other Adobe applications, which helped me to speed my workflow rapidly.

I started to be aware of other editors after the purchase of my first MAC couple of years ago and discovered that I am willing to try different editor. After spending few days on the internet researching which one to go for I decided to give Coda 2.0 from a go.

The main reason I went for Coda was the fact that I got a £70 voucher to spend in the Appstore and Coda was reduced in price for a limited time. Another reason was that Malarkey uses Coda when designing websites in Hammer, which I also recently purchased to speed up my website development. It all seemed more than ideal to explore this combination of new software so I clicked and installed it on my Macbook and iMac.

So, you’ve downloaded Coda and installed it on your machine, opened it and would like to find out if there is something extra that could help you speed up your design process. Plugins are one of the options I discovered straight away and some of them really help to get things done quickly. Here is list of official plugins from website.

TIP 1 – How do I install plugin?

Most plugins will be in .zip format and after unzipping you will see files like, for example this one: Align Equals.codaplugin



You will install plugin simply just by double clicking on it.

TIP 2 –

I will bring you more posts about Coda as I go along and discover new tricks. Watch this space.

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