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Have a look at what I love doing the most – designing websites, e-commerce, taking photographs or high-definition video, creating graphics for various media and much more . . .

Responsive Design

RESPONSIVE DESIGN – this is an online content which is optimized for mobile devices, smart-phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s. A huge advantage of this approach is that users don’t have to zoom in or out to see content, because its structure is moved around so it fits onto the screen of the device.It also adjusts the screen when users changes position of a mobile device from portrait to landscape mode.

PS MacBookProRetina DSLR cameras e-commerce


E-COMMERCE – every year the number of people who buy goods online increases massively.It’s predicted that this year online retailers will gain an even bigger portion of the share market than last year – due to the fact that mobile shopping is so convenient and quick. My approach is to use open source software to keep the cost of the project low and to add modules and functionality as the business grows. Whether you would like to sell on EBAY or Amazon I can develop and establish a successful shop which also will be very easy to maintain and expand in the future.

Web Design

WEB DESIGN (CMS – CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) – CMS is very popular among clients who like to update their website by themselves. Content management system is ideal for small to medium businesses where one or more employees will be responsible for updating the company’s information or publishing articles/posts/pictures/videos/etc. The advantage of a good CMS is that various users can have different access privileges and publishing rights.This gives you the option of making sure unwanted content will not be published and users will access only allowed sections of CMS.

Search Engine Optimization

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – To have natural incoming traffic to your site is the main goal and purpose of the website. I’ve spent many years looking at what works and what is best avoided when optimizing a website for Google’s algorithm. I understand how search engines work and I’am able to build a website with this key factor in mind. High quality and unique content is the most important factor and necessary to get decent rankings. SEOMoz now MOZ is a great and well-respected website where many SEO professionals share their findings and personal opinions about best practices when it comes to SEO.

Video Production

VIDEO PRODUCTION – I love running around with my Canon shooting high-definition video. Video is one of the fastest growing medias on the internet due to the high-quality optics of smart phones; due to the  ability to upload film to Facebook or Vimeo you can share your special moments with your friends almost instantly. YouTube is the third most used search engine after Google and Yahoo. To have a good quality video clearly shows that you take your business seriously and, most importantly your website will rank higher. Google will reward your effort and rank your website more highly than if  your website only has pictures.

DVD Cover graphic design by Jakub Kohout

Printed Materials

PRINTED MATERIALS – We live in a digital age, but don’t underestimate the power of good old print. People rely heavily on information printed in books, newspapers, posters, leaflets, business cards, vouchers, coupons, etc. Printed materials are a great way how to personalize someones experience. Birthday cards and invitations could add a special feel to a situation and create a feeling of uniqueness.


BRANDING – An important part of your company’s presence is branding. We design logos, headed papers, business cards, promotion leaflets,  flyers and of course websites and email newsletters too – all consistently tied up with your brand in mind. Have a look at some of our branding projects we worked on in the past. Promote your brand on social media with brand new custom made background and graphical elements which enforces your brand awareness.

Jakub Kohout portfolio branding Crystal Clear LTD logo


CONSULTANCY – If you’re not sure where to start, why not call us and book an appointment for one of our consultancy sessions. You’ll have a clearer vision of what your business needs are and how to achieve them. We’ll help you make a strategic and achievable plan. Prices starts at £15/hour and, as usual with our services – the money will be well spent.

Whether you need to re-fresh your website or your blog I‘m the right person, with many years of experience in creating bespoke graphics and web design. I’m always striving to absorb the latest techniques and trends from the web design community.