Beautiful and functional e-commerce optimised for mobile devices and tablets. Truly amazing experience and high conversion rates as a result.

Powerful Analytics

You can track where your customers came from,how much time they spent on your site and which products they browsed as well as what goods they placed in the basket. This gives better insight into behaviour of your customers.

Search Engine Friendly

Ability to switch on “friendly URL’s” for better indexing, ability to use keyword tags and product description will increase traffic to your shop. Google Site Map available in the back office as well as various META information.

PayPal Checkout

Paypal Checkout as standard payment option. This is one of the safest payment options on the internet. No credit card details are revealed, also uses SSL technology. PayPal is owed by EBAY and used by millions of people daily.

Multi-currency & Multi-lingual

Easy way to switch currency and language option. Powerful and easy to use back office gives options to translate products and description to various languages.Currency convertors re-calculate current money exchange.


Our e-commerce uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) a protocol that provides a secure method of communication over the internet. It is used to send data, especially checkout data, which contains sensitive information such as credit card details.

Stability & Extendebility

Stable e-commerce solution which runs on Apache servers and MySQL databases.Robust system which is easy to extend and expand if needed.Very modular with new extensions and multilingual option, ready for international market.

Coupons & Vouchers

Coupons & vouchers helps improve sales and attracts more customers if coupon is given to them for example through the Newsletter subscription.You can decide how much discount to give.

Open Source Software

An award winning open source solutions for small to medium size businesses. We are bale to keep the price down due to community of developers who are working hard and share their work with others.

Newsletter Integration

Built-in Newsletter will help you to improve your customers base and to gain better customer satisfaction and loyalty with vouchers and discounts code, which you can send with your Newsletter.

E-commerce is important part of your business strategy and way how to communicate with your customers effectively. Get in touch if you need any advice on your e-commerce needs.