Profit of your business depends on how many visitors/customers will your website bring in. We are optimising sites for Google for last 5 years and know how to get better natural rankings . . .


To rank well in Google is one of the key factor if your business will bring you revenue or not. Search engine optimization is no longer hobby but full-time job, which should not be underestimated. At least minimal SEO for name of your website should be created to have some impact in www world but generally speaking the more the better. One will never have enough of the advertisement. That is how Google make sits revenue anyway, which is another option how we can help you to highlight your company by implementing AdWords to your online promotion.

Social Media & Google

Google will rank your website higher when you share your content on social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Dribbble and many others social media sites. It is well-known fact that you should be part of Google+ as Google regularly crawls its own social network and various online SEO sources have confirmed higher rankings when using this social media platform by Google. To register is easy and keep adding friends into your ,, cirles ,, is not difficult either. If you are not registered you should do it now.

Importance of Back-links

Back-links were beginning of the internet search revolution some 8 years ago or so when Google first came with the idea of ranking webpage high according to how many other webpages are linking back to that page and they still play a big role in today’s algorithms. Some swear that this is the only rock solid way how to get good rankings but this is now only one of many factors, which affects position and website importance but it is still one of the key factors to do well in Google SEO strategies. We can only confirm that it is still truth and one of the golden rules of SEO.

Importance of Reviews

If you are selling products on the internet it is very important to have a customer review section as a part of your website or e-commerce. Not only new customers are more likely to purchase your product based on recommendations of the other customers, but also search engines will rank your site higher, if they see genuine reviews from real people. Feefo offers great review services for competitive prices. More good reviews = higher the rankings.

Blog is a Must

Many people underestimate the importance of self-promotion and viral content. Blogs have been around for many years and some of them became a very respectful resources for online communities, customers and public in general. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to contact with your customers on another level, which many people like, they can for example subscribe to your newsletter, which can contain vouchers or discount prices not available anywhere else, which will help to build customer loyalty quicker and easily.

Target Your Niche

It is also important to know your customers and be on same wavelength as them. By better understanding of your client you will gain precious insight into their habits, psyche and wishes. Insight will help you promote your brand in style with your customers, which will lead to a successful conversion, revenue and loyalty and customer satisfaction , which will lead to social media promotion.

SEO is important part of your business strategy and way how to communicate with your customers effectively. Get in touch if you need any advice on your SEO needs.