How To Embed Spotify Or RDIO On Your Website?

How to embed the RDIO song on your website?

RDIO how to embed RDIO on website

Every day you or your friends listen or create songs on Spotify or RDIO. Have you ever thought of sharing your playlist on your website? It is easy to embed the code, which Spotify and RDIO provide for you.

How to embed the RDIO song on your website?

To share, embed or send the link to your friends is not difficult at all. Next to the song name on the right you will find a small + icon. When you click on it a menu with a few options will appear and you can choose from the following options what to with it.

Some of the options are: you can share a link on Facebook or Twitter, with another RDIO user or embed it into your own website or blog. The last option screenshot you can see below.

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